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BAVZ: »Hopefully one day I’ll own one myself!«

His illustrations are a mixture of Pop Art and this very special vintage feeling, says Bav of "Bespoke Art Visualz" himself. The third ingredient in his tailor-made artwork? Are often classic Porsche. It all sounds good, but looks even better. Reason enough to take a closer look at the Londoner's work - and also to talk to the artist himself.

Text: Marko Knab Photo: BAVZ 30.04.2020 2 min

Your illustrations are tailor-made for the client. How do you manage to create something very individual with simplified forms?

Ha … good question! It really depends on the complexity of the image and the stories that the example photos tell. Most of the times I recreate a scene for particular cars that I think they work best with. On top, I try to pick out the smallest details which some people don’t see and make them the focal point. And then I get rid of the unwanted elements what in turn simplifies the whole picture.

You draw a lot of Porsche. Are many of your clients Porsche drivers or do you have a personal connection to the brand?

As young boy I loved Porsche and used to have posters of them on my wall. At that time it was the most unique shape along with Countach LP400 and F40. And it still is. Hopefully one day I’ll own one myself! But yeah, most of my clients are Porsche owners. That’s because of Instagram: Their social feed tells lots of stories which helps me to illustrate.

For your work you use various colours. In your opinion, which one is the best for a 911?

That really depends on the era! For an early 1978 Porsche 911, like I would love to drive, Ruby red, Black, and midnight blue are the best I believe. The more modern Porsche work well with candy colours. Personally, I do like a bright orange. Maybe that’s no clear answer, but the question is tricky! (laughs)

What makes your Illustrations stand out?

Glad you ask me this question! All of my illustrations don’t have the wheels drawn in detail. It’s just a plain rim. Together with the mixture of pop art and classic vintage feel, this is my signature dish and it’s probably the only way to distinguish my car illustrations from others.

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