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At home everywhere: »Anywhere House«

Build the world as you like it: With the »Anywhere House« this sentence is no longer an empty phrase, but reality. Because the geometrically shaped building is not only completely modular, but can be used practically anywhere.

Text: Marko Knab Photo: Presse 01.10.2020 1 min

The beauty is everywhere, they say. You just have to see it. With the »Anywhere House«, the task set in this way is quite easy: in keeping with its name, the anthracite-colored, stylish accommodation is modular, freely configurable, but above all designed to be independent of location. This means: the three bedroom modules currently offered by »Whitaker Studio« can be freely combined with a living room module, a kitchen, a bathroom and a workroom. And this can be done on any suitable surface. There are virtually no limits to the size and shape - the two connecting openings of the elements alone limit the construction, together with the conditions of the chosen location at least. If the openings are not used to connect to another module, they serve as a door or window. Which in turn make it possible to see beauty - everywhere.

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