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Around the square clock: Tag Heuer Monaco from »Le Mans«

The car? It's a Porsche. The wheel? It's round. And the watch? Square. I am talking about Steve McQueen's Le Mans. And more precisely, the exact watch that the »King of Cool« wore when he was filming - namely the Tag Heuer Monaco.

Text: Jack Weil Photo: Phillips 02.11.2020 1 min

The »Triple Crown« in motorsport? It is known to consist of a victory at the 500 miles of Indianapolis, a triumph at the 24 hours of Le Mans and a success in the Principality of Monaco. But you can also get closer to it without taking the wheel yourself: with the Tag Heuer Monaco worn by Steve McQueen during the shooting of his masterpiece »Le Mans«. At the end of the production of his motorsport epic, he gave the watch seen here as a gift to the chief mechanic Haig Altounian. Because he had »kept him alive all these months«. Altounian modestly refused, but had no chance at all - after all, thanks to McQueen, »To Haig Le Mans 1970« was already engraved on the back. A good 50 years later, the time of the distinctive watch has now come. When the coveted piece goes under the hammer on December 12, a seven-figure sum is expected. If you look at it that way, victory in the 500 miles of Indianapolis would almost be a must again.

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