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Analogue Pocket: The Gameman

»One is only fully human where one plays handheld.« Schiller never said that, but someone has to falsify that first. Thanks to the Analogue Pocket, Homo ludens soon has his hands full again - and can enjoy not only good style, but also a synthesizer and sequencer in pocket size.

Text: Marko Knab Photo: Analogue 24.10.2019 1 min

When the heroes of our youth grow up, you either have to look away - or you shouldn't lose sight of them. Fortunately, the second applies to Analogue Pocket. The portable game console will be available next year in plain black or white and comes without unnecessary lettering. In exchange though, it gets purely haptic differentiation of the buttons and compatibility with up to 2,780 original games of all Gameboy generations. Not only the look is sharp, but also the built-in LCD display: with 1600x1440 pixels, the resolution is ten times higher than its iconic ideal. If that's not enough for you, you can stream your gaming adventures directly to the TV with the help of the matching dock. But it's also possible to go your own way: With the integrated sequencer you can create individual 8-bit operas or code them yourself thanks to the second integrated FPGA. That's what you call a proper level-up. Bye Gameboy, hello Gameman!