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Always that paperwork

There are things you don't even know you needed. Fortunately, Porsche Classic can help here.

Text: Maximilian Eder Photo: Porsche 02.05.2019 1 min

Often it is the little things in life that really matter. And curiously enough, these things are missing. Without a paper clip, for example, it is really difficult to hold paper neatly together. The instructions from the glove compartment are at least as practical. With a Young- or Oldtimer such a manual can easily get lost in the course of the moving history. Or become unsightly.

hey don't deserve it. After all, they are wonderful helpers and advisors in the event of an emergency. For example, if the original radio fails. The radio number tells you which model is right for you, if you want to put your hand on it yourself, you will find the instructions for installation and removal here. And much more: Technical specifications, setting values and practical tips over practical tips. For example, how to expertly wash a Porsche.

They see it the same way at Porsche Classic and digitalised all the original documents still available. They will be available as new editions in the foreseeable future. In a quality like the original, of course. But that's not all: the warranty and maintenance booklets will also be reprinted. And not to forget TyMaTos. Not a Greek god, but an overview of types, dimensions and tolerances. All this in various languages and partly also for different model variants.

It's clear that a lot is coming together. There are currently around 700 different operating manuals and 100 warranty and maintenance booklets available from Porsche Classic. Of course, a paper clip is no longer enough.