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Always following the sun

Ten Porsche owners meet and drive into the sunset. No, that's not the closing sequence of a road movie, but the prelude to the so-called »Sunset Drive«, a series of rides that's only three weeks old. The automobile designer and photographer Markus Haub brought it to life. He now tells us about the experience of the maiden voyage.

Text: Alexander Morath Photo: Frederic Schlosser 09.08.2019 4 min

It's hot this Thursday evening. Very hot. Accurately piled up ice cream balls turn into a sticky-sweet milk sauce that drips from the waffle horns in the blink of an eye . All over Germany, the open-air swimming pools and bathing lakes are full to bursting even at late hours, the beer gardens anyway. People sweat and search for cooling. Meteorologists will report a little later on the hottest month since the beginning of weather recording. And on this very day in July 2019, ten Porsche enthusiasts will meet in a brewery in Mainz to drive towards the setting sun...

Good conditions for a »Sunset Drive«? Better. Initiator Markus Haub calls them »legendary« and tells us about the start of the weekly ride:

»It was the hottest day Germany has ever experienced. Temperatures up to 42.6 degrees, in Mainz Trumm 40. So legendary conditions for a little air-cooled fun - and the first »Sunset Drive«! The idea came to me when I was on the road again to get to know new routes in my region. The search finally led me to the Rheinhessische Schweiz, mostly in the evening, because at this time there is simply not much going on on the streets and it is also the most beautiful moment of the day for me when the sun sinks and the light softens like cotton candy.«

»I thought to myself: Driving alone is nice, but riding in a group is much nicer. So I made a call among friends and in various regional chats. And then it started. Starting point was the brewery Kühn Kunz Rosen in Mainz. Here there is enough parking space and the possibility to eat or drink a little something. But of course you only know how many participants will actually come when the time comes. But more and more familiar faces arrived. In the end, there are about ten Porsche owners who set off on their journey to sunset.«

»Doors fall into the lock. Safety belts lock into place. First the crowd of six-cylinder boxers babble along the motorway for a while, then in Saulheim it's off onto the country road in the direction of Wörrstadt. Via Nack and Kriegsfeld we continue to Gerbach. Here, where fox and hare say 'Good night' , there is not much going on on the streets at this time. Only combine harvesters and tractors do their work, they harvest the fields and stir up a lot of dust. In the back light it almost looks like a Sandstorm. In addition, the already low sun and the straw pressed into rolls that lines the roadside. All this combined creates a unique atmosphere and provides the perfect backdrop for our trip.«

»They are moments of indescribable beauty, one feels like being transported to the hilly landscape of Tuscany, if not to another planet. I look in the rear-view mirror and every time I see the 911s that follow, my heart beats a little higher. In a convoy we glide smoothly along the winding country road. Always towards the rays of light in order to arrive punctually at sunset in Ruppertsecken. On a parking lot at the edge of the highest village of the Palatinate we park our Porsches. It is now 21 o'clock and the view of the surrounding countryside in combination with the setting sun is simply stunning.«

»We enjoy the natural spectacle and the contents of the cool box we brought with us. It is from the eighties. For years it accompanied us children on family holidays to Austria. I have never had him with me before, but after such a hot day he does excellent service and donates fresh Rothaus beer and Flensburg Fassbrause. Without alcohol, of course.«

»After our trip together a participant posts a quote in our chat group. 'None of us are getting out of here alive, so please stop treating yourself like an after thought. Eat the delicious food. Walk in the sunshine. Jump in the ocean. Say the truth you're carrying in your heart like hidden treasure. Be silly. Be kind. Be weird. There's no time for anything else.' That's a good match, I think. But I would like to add one thing: 'Drive towards the sunset'. There's always time for that.«

Markus Haub

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