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All you need (duplicate)

No matter what furniture shops may suggest, interior design is rarely tailored to men. Which may be because furnishing is a process. Or is it all just a matter of good style? In any case, you’ll find both in a loft in Berlin.

Text: Wiebke Brauer Photo: Fabrik 23 26.02.2020 2 min

Perhaps the DIY store is the man’s furniture shop. Which becomes evident if you look at slogans like “You can do it” in contrast to “Live better”. Or given the fact that men rarely identify with the necessity that books belong on a shelf. Certainly, a shelf is functional and of course men are always purported to have an affinity for functionality. What is true is that for a man functionality always has less to do with what a thing can do and more with a feeling of “Yes, this piece of furniture is like me”. That means a man must see himself reflected in things. Something that, by the way, a woman would never say about a bouquet of flowers that she is arranging in a vase.

That probably is one reason why most men don’t feel at home in a furniture shop, but in The Berlin Loft they will. The place – it can be rented as a filming location or a residence – was furnished by a guy named Philipp Gertner. Asked if the loft is a typical bachelor pad, Gertner laughs: “Funny, I hear that a lot. Maybe it’s because the materials have a certain rawness to them: roughly worked waste wood, concrete surfaces. The objects in the interior include heavy scales and barber or dentist chairs, the colours are kept primarily in grey and brown. And, of course, there’s the patina: covers that look moth-eaten in places, a grease spot here and there – and just one small rug.”

That Gertner drives an old off-roader comes as no surprise – you could put that in the Loft, too, and it wouldn’t seem at all out of place. In all fairness, however, it must be said that Philipp Gertner’s girlfriend and their one-year-old daughter love the Loft just as much as the guy walking in the door here. Which brings us to the point that all you need for living is good taste. Completely gender-neutral.