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Air cooling of a different kind

Fan? Boring. We prefer to use a different form of refreshment against the heat. Air-cooled or water-cooled? Doesn't matter, as long as there's some wind in the hair!

Text: Marko Knab Photo: Porsche 03.07.2019 1 min

With the current weather conditions one can sweat a lot. A quick remedy? Porsche is offering one for more than seven decades. Our Top 5 open Zuffenhauseners, which can easily replace a fan.

Boxster (1996)

Looking back, the 1990s were pretty cool - also thanks to the Boxster. Today this applies to it - and it is a good investment in the future, because fresh air fun in a Porsche does not get any cheaper. We think: it is a very hot tip, not only for the current weather conditions.

911 Speedster (2019)

Has anyone got anything on this one? We believe no, because an open Porsche with the performance of the 911 GT3 and the coolness of the 1950s it is sublime beyond any doubt. Fortunately, only its unique lines are particularly hot and the fresh air pleasure is all the greater.

718 RS-60 (1960)

With it we do faster laps than the fan itself - just like Hans Herrmann and Joakim Bonnier did back then. Want proof? Victories in the 12 hours of Sebring and the Targa Florio 1960 speak for themselves. Conclusion: Really refreshing, this air-cooled RS-60.

Cayenne Convertible (2002)

Just right when the path to the lake leads through rough terrain again: The Cayenne Convertible. In 2002 every obstacle was overcome, but not the leap into serial production - a pity, because this would not only have brought a breath of fresh air into the SUV segment.

917 / 30 Can-Am-Spyder (1973)

How do you deal with a record breaking heat? Right, with a record breaking Porsche. With its 1,100 hp this 917 caught the competition in the CanAm series as cold as ice. The thermometer's over 40 degrees? We simply send the speedometer needle over the 400 km/h mark. Wind in the hair? Guaranteed!