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Air? Cooled! Stadler Form »Otto«

Oh, where would we be without the Swiss? The answer in this case is: less cool. Both in terms of temperature and style: Swiss manufacturer Stadler Form offers »Otto«, a handsome fan with a round bamboo casing and black interior.

Text: Alfred Rzyski Photo: Stadler Form 12.08.2020 1 min

Whoever sows bamboo will reap a whirlwind – more or less that is how the old wisdom about air currents and social coexistence went. At least those who rely on »Otto« from Stadler Form remain cool. Because the minimalist fan made of bamboo cools down every mind even during the current heat wave. Quite in contrast to its name, its design is exceptional: a seamless bamboo ring stylishly encloses the black internal industrial fan, making this Swiss a visually fine affair. And to a sustainable one, because the wood comes from organic cultivation. The speed can be adjusted in three stages, as can the inclination. That the wide rotor blades also turn very quietly and are easy to clean thanks to the removable rear grille? A matter of course. Clean performance from Stadler Forms »Otto« - and that without making too much wind around it visually.

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