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A Streetcar Named Desire: Antje Traue en route in the 991

Antje Traue once beat up Superman in »Man of Steel«. We find: strong performance! The only thing missing was a strong car. So we sent Antje for ramp #23 »A Streetcar Named Desire« with a 991 across the USA.

Text: Jack Weil Photo: Roman Kuhn 20.02.2019 1 min

Her face doesn't fit into Germany. With this statement actress Antje Traue received numerous refusals. She was about to give up her dream as an actress when she learned that Hollywood director Zack Snyder wanted to cast the role of a dark female warrior for Man of Steel, the 2013 superhero movie. Traue sent a video and got the part. In Hollywood, her face did fit. Afterwards she was shooting Criminal (German: Das Jerico Projekt) next to Ryan Reynolds , Kevin Kostner and Gary Oldman and suddenly her face also fitted in Germany. For ramp Traue once drove with a Porsche 911 convertible across the USA, accompanied by photographer Roman Kuhn. By now it should be time to repeat the tour. In Germany, of course.