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A Porsche kinda Christmas

No Christmas tree yet? Now you must move fast. What to look out for when buying a tree late? Above all, don't lose any unnecessary time on the street. So best drive a Porsche. We're happy to help with useful tips about the tree and sports cars from Zuffenhausen.

Text: Marko Knab Photo: Porsche Center Mechelen 23.12.2019 1 min

Our vehicle of choice: A very fast sled with 285 reindeer - after all, there's not much time left to decorate. And because Christmas is in winter, we recommend a reliable four-wheel drive. A clear case for the 993 series 911 Carrera 4S. If there are even two trees that need to be transported, simply get reinforcements from good friends.

Fetched quickly and green for a long time: The Christmas tree is most likely to stay fresh if it is not stored too warm before it is put up and if it is not placed directly next to the heating and fireplace in the home. We recommend: air-cool the tree extensively on the roof rack on the way home, in order to keep it fresh long after the festivities are over.

Be careful during transport: If the tree has an overlength of more than one meter, it must be secured with a red flag like other bulky objects. How to avoid this? Either buy a smaller tree. Or simply drive a red 911. This will attract the attention of the other road users by itself.

Once you get home, the rule is: Don't forget to water. The Christmas tree consumes about one liter of water over three days. In addition to simple tap water, the Super Plus version is also available: Sugar solution and flower nutrients can improve durability as well. By the way, when setting up the tree the same applies as for a sports car: slowly warm the tree up when moving it inside, because large temperature spikes can shorten its life span.