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A Pit Autobacs Shinonome: A Temple for Petrolheads

We take a bow: With the »A Pit Shinonome«, the Japanese spare parts manufacturer Autobacs has created a real automotive temple. It has it all. Under its roof there is a unique world of experience containing a first-class workshop, excellently sorted accessories shop and also driving simulators. As we said, the »A Pit« has everything.

Text: Marko Knab Photo: TONERICO:INC. 07.11.2019 1 min

The letter A stands for very good performance – also in the Japanese grading system. So it's no wonder that Autobacs has self-confidently given its world of experience in Tokyo Bay the name »A Pit Autobacs Shinonome«. Rightly so, because this functionally designed paradise for petroheads is not only architecturally worthy of recognition, its inner values also deserve top marks. On three floors, it combines high-end workshop, extensive parts shop and experience world with driving simulator to a unique place for car lovers. If you don't feel sufficiently entertained there despite the integrated bookstore and it‘s own Starbucks, you can simply check the maintenance of your own vehicle via livestream when buying parts.

It is shown on several flat screens hanging in the sales area. It doesn't matter whether you have your time-honoured classic or the new, ultra-modern car in mind with this reality TV of a different kind. In addition to new sports tyres or a regular oil change, the outdoor playground also offers charging stations for modern electric vehicles. No matter if G-model or Taycan - makes no difference in the »A Pit«. After all, it provides both sufficient excitement and voltage.