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917-001 and Co: Retro show for automotive stylists

917-001 and Co: Retro show for automotive stylists The question of style is one of those things. You have it. Or you don’t.There are also hybrids, see national football coach Joachim Löw. Extremely stylish when it comes to clothes. With regard to the right timing for fundamental decisions... less so. Ask Thomas Müller and Co. But let's not do that. For stylists there is a better address than the football stadium next door anyway, namely the Retro Classics at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre. Since some Porsches are exhibited there, whose design makes our hearts beat faster.

Text: Bernd Haase Photo: Karsten Döring 08.03.2019 2 min


Legend of passion: So far the Porsche 917 with the body number 001 has been seen exactly once - at the Geneva Motor Show in 1969. Afterwards the icon was tinkered around and painted cheerfully and won with it. This went so far that the outer skin was clad in the - admittedly iconic - look of the Le Mans winning car from 1970. Now the experts from the Porsche Museum have pressed the "Reset" button and returned the 917-001 to its original state of its world premiere fifty years ago. And what shall we say? The effort was worth it. Definitely.


Let's face it: If patina, then properly. For where corrosive forces reign, colour patterns emerge that couldn't be more creative. If the left fender is now returned to its original shape, we would straight up adopt this 356 original model from 1955.


Clear edge: Of course, Porsche is equated with the legendary curves of the 911 silhouette. Every child immediately recognises it as a Zuffenhausen quality product. They can also get around the corner dynamically. Just as it was with the 914. By the way, it will be 50 years old this year.


Steampunk: So that's what happens when you let someone with a soft spot for scrap metal and precision mechanics go for a 911 GT: a car like an open clockwork. The boys and girls from »Giganten aus Stahl« (Giants of Steel) welded it together in painstaking and filigree detail work. It's definitely something you can do. But you can also use the time to move a real 911 around the curves of this world.


The Jogi effect: Where the stylistically confident representatives of sports car construction gather together, the counterpart must of course not be missing. This Gemballa 911 Extremo of 1997 is, so to speak, the inflated antagonist from the dark side of the Jogi style universe. It could fill a leading role in movies like »Manta, Manta«. Or it could just stay in the garage.