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911 SC: California Roll

Unexpected opportunities can sometimes cause you to toss big plans overboard. That’s just what Thomas von Salomon and Michael Compensis of WE! shoot it discovered on their last trip to California. The two had actually traveled to Los Angeles with the intention of photographing a Ford Mustang for their portfolio. But then they met Nik Chamberlain, a musician who not only turned out to be an excellent model. He also drives a 1983 Porsche 911 SC.

Text: Alexander Morath Photo: WE! Shoot it 30.09.2020 1 min

»When I sometimes need to get away and get lost in something, I can take a ride in my 1983 911 SC.« – Nik Chamberlain

»The radio is never on, i only want to hear the wonderful sound of that amazing engine whirling behind me like a jet plane engine, and that is truly a universe all unto itself. I'm lost in it ... at least for a few wonderful moments.« – Nik Chamberlain

Nik Chamberlain purchased this Porsche 911 (1983) in January of 2013. Nik found the car locally in Los Angeles on Ebay of all places. The previous owner was a jet plane mechanic and did some amazing mods on the car, one of them is an oil cooler from a Jet Plane! The previous owner also actively raced the car. The car is a POC track class world record holder for Willow Springs.