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1000 miles, 1000 stories

Today the Mille Miglia starts in Brescia, the "vecchia signora" among the long distance races. Legends from Zuffenhausen have always played their part in history - and this year, too, they are cultivating tradition.

Text: Marko Knab Photo: Porsche 15.05.2019 1 min

We've known for a long time: A Porsche, in this case the 550 Spyder, is incredibly practical. In 1954, at the Mille Miglia for example. If a railway barrier closes, you can simply drive the flat racing car under it - as happened with Hans Hermann's class win on the lightweight. Pretty tough bandages in what was then the toughest race in the world. Head down, eyes closed and go through with it: In this way you reach your destination before the competition - and more importantly - before the train. And become an icon.

64 years later, in 2018, another Porsche legend, Walter Röhrl, will be at the start. Together with co-pilot Christian Geistdörfer, the two-time rally world champion neither takes on railway barriers nor the stopwatch - the former should be avoided with the higher built 356 A 1500 GS Carrera Coupé 356. The 230 on the bonnet no longer stands for the speed, but is only the start number. Between Brescia and Rome, in the midst of houses, it is no longer a question of time but of uniformity.

And this year? Sports car ace Romain Dumas drives with Scott Eastwood, son of Clint. Back in the 550 Spyder again. A Le Mans winner and long-distance world champion for Porsche meets Hollywood and a sports car legend? We are curious about the stories Mille Miglia will write this year. At least railroad barriers would no longer be a problem...